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Because informations are the Real Stock Game.
Find the latest stock market data, news and live share from a selection of the best stock market websites.

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Real Stock Game is a search engine specialized in the financial markets and stock exchange of the world. It searches through the best financial portals and stock exchange sites of the world to provide the latest and the most relevant search results.

Each search contains the results of more than 300 of the most popular financial portals on the web. Also the search provides the results of all stock exchanges in the world. Whit this selection you are sure to have the best quality of result.

Each search contains the top 20 results of the most active world stock exchanges sites including the NYSE New York, Toronto Venture Exchange, Euronext Amsterdam, Tokyo Stock Exchange etc ... It will also generate the results from best specialized websites on stock markets. Whit this selection, you are guaranteed to have targeted content and relevant result. Real Stock Game allows you to search by relevance or by date. These two options can be very useful in a market environment were the information‘s speed is paramount.


Top Stories

Stocks to Watch: Reader alert: Coverage of stocks to watch has moved
Posted on Thursday July 10, 2014

MarketWatch has combined its coverage of the day’s big movers in the premarket and regular stock-market sessions to give readers seamless coverage beginning at 5:30 a.m.

The Week Ahead: A September Buying Opportunity?
Posted on Saturday August 23, 2014

To the surprise of the apparently cautious Wall Street analysts and hedge fund managers, stocks continued higher last week. Fund managers are holding a higher level of cash as they have a list of reasons why stocks can't go any higher. In last week's column Are Wall Street Pros Too Negative? I pointed out that a recent survey of Wall Street strategists revealed they are recommending that their clients have just 51% in stocks. This is a level that has signaled a 22% gain in the following year. The public also seems to be oblivious to the stock market as a Wells Fargo/Gallup poll in June and early July made it clear that the small investor is not paying attention to the stock market. Surprisingly, "the survey shows that while the majority of investors (64%) do know that stocks increased on average in 2013, barely a quarter (24%) believe they increased by 20% or better, and only 7% are aware that the average increase was in the 30% range. The largest proportion—37%—believe stocks increased by 10%, while another 21% think stocks were flat and 9% think they decreased."


Major stock exchanges

Rank Exchange Economy Head­quarters
1 New York Stock Exchange  United States New York
2 NASDAQ  United States New York
3 Tokyo Stock Exchange  Japan Tokyo
4 London Stock Exchange Group  United Kingdom
5 Euronext  France
6 Hong Kong Stock Exchange  Hong Kong Hong Kong
7 Shanghai Stock Exchange  China Shanghai
8 Toronto Stock Exchange  Canada Toronto
9 Frankfurt Stock Exchange  Germany Frankfurt
10 Australian Securities Exchange  Australia Sydney
11 Bombay Stock Exchange  India Mumbai
12 National Stock Exchange of India  India Mumbai
13 SIX Swiss Exchange   Switzerland Zurich
14 BM&F Bovespa  Brazil São Paulo
15 Korea Exchange  South Korea Seoul
16 Shenzhen Stock Exchange  China Shenzhen
17 BME Spanish Exchanges  Spain Madrid
18 JSE Limited  South Africa Johannesburg
19 Moscow Exchange  Russia Moscow
20 Singapore Exchange  Singapore Singapore
21 Taiwan Stock Exchange  Taiwan Taipei

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